About Curious NetEntity

As you could guess from my website’s address, I am a very curious person, who thinks the Internet is a wonderful invention.  I am blind, so traditional sources of information aren’t always available to me, but almost anything I want to know I can find by using my talking computer to perform web searches.

I am addicted to reading books–braille, audio, or electronic. Unfortunately, I am also addicted to Mountain Dew.  I have to be in the process of reading at least one fiction book at all times.  I also like reading about science, technology, psychology, and natural/green products, to name just a few.

I read the Bible, and Bible/spiritual topics as well. I volunteer some of my time to teach people about the Bible, and what value it can have in a person’s life.

I have a degree in computer user support and network admin, but what I was tought in order to get that degree is somewhat out of date.  I still love technology–at least on most days.  I really don’t mind providing tech support. Sometimes I even annoy people by trying to make them use technology more efficiently. :-)

I usually use the JAWS screenreader in Windows, but I’m open to and interested in other possibilities.

I am also a mother.  That means I’m busy and distracted most of the time, but it also means I usually have some “interesting” stories to tell.

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